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5M Transactions Recorded


🔥 5M Transactions Recorded 📝

Lightning faaaast! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

The Ultron chain has completed more than 5.000.000 Transactions today! 🎉🎊

Did you know?
⛓️ The Ultron chain can complete transactions in less than 30 seconds.

📌 That’s approximately 10X faster than BNB chain.

Equipped with a 👨‍💻 team of experts who 👩‍💻 have been building solutions for decades, Ultron’s protocol ⏹️🔳 is one of the fastest blockchain systems in the world. ⚡️

Ultro-quick for the Ultronauts! 😉

👉 Check our state-of-the-art 🛰blockchain explorer ➡️ 🤗


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