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CEO from Crypto Expo Dubai


Exclusive interview with Ultron

CEO from Crypto Expo Dubai
🤖 Ultron CEO Shukrat Shadibekov gave an exclusive interview at the Dubai Crypto Expo, where he shared his experience and outlook on the future.

1️⃣ He highlighted Ultron’s unique features – such as EVM compatibility, DEX, explorer, and more! 🚀

2️⃣ He gave his take on the demographics of the worldwide community and how Ultron helps newcomers get educated in the Web3 space. 🌎

3️⃣ He revealed the future plans for Ultron, which include a crypto lottery, NFT marketplace, launch pad, lending & borrowing platform, and football metaverse. ⚽️

And his advice for newcomers? “Don’t be scared, just go for it.” 💪

Check out the full interview 👩‍🚀👇


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