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Devla CEO Lennard Arand


✨✨✨Devla CEO Lennard Arand Interview on Ultron Metaverse Partnership✨✨✨

👨🏻‍💻 Lennard Arand, CEO of Devla answered some questions from the community.

Lennard owns and manages Devla, the second biggest metaverse and NFT development company in the world. Devla also took part in building the metaverse projects for Sandbox and other big names in crypto. 🤯😍

🎥In this video, he answered a few questions about the metaverse experience and why Devla partnered with Ultron Foundation. 🤝

Watch the video here 🎞:

We are excited 🤩 to build the biggest metaverse project of 🟣 Ultron with Devla! 💞

Learn more about the project here:


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