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From cleaning the office to winning 60.000 ULX from Ultron


💐From cleaning the office to 🎊winning 60.000 ULX from Ultron🚀

This is the inspiring story of Hồng Hải, a Vietnamese hopeful who joined and won the 60.000 ULX giveaway during the celebration call on September 8, 2022.

Hồng Hải, is a cleaning lady in Vietnam, and one of her clients is an Upline at MaVie.

One day⛅️, while she was cleaning her Upline’s office, her Upline shared the incredible opportunity at MaVie, in hopes of educating and helping Hồng Hải about digital assets. However, she did not have the means to activate the package. Her Upline was kind enough to lend her 100USDT to activate the basic package. Her Upline also set up her zoom account so she can join the zoom call to celebrate with fellow MaVie members.

Little did she know that fate donned her an opportunity that could change her life.😀

The giveaway was announced by MaVie CEO Michal Prazenica and Ultron’s CEO Shukhrat Shadibekov during the celebration call attended by more than 1000 members. One lucky winner will take home 60.000 ULX.

Michal, the 🧞 bearer of luck, announced the number held by Hồng Hải.

It was a joyous day for our lucky winner. She did not expect it.

She thanked her Upline for giving her a chance, MaVie for sharing the platform where she can be rewarded, and Ultron, for the ULX fund that can change her life.

When asked what she did with the 60.000 ULX, Hồng Hải proudly answered that she bought a 5000 package so she could earn more rewards while in auto-stake on.


Congratulations, Hồng Hải! 😊😀


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