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SPECIAL PROMOTION: BitMart launches a special 30 days Savings programme for ULX 🚀

You are now able to put your ULX tokens to work and earn up to 100% APY with BitMart’s Savings programme. 💰 💰 💰

How to do it❓

1️⃣ Open your BitMart account
2️⃣ Deposit your ULX through BSC network (tutorial link: )
3️⃣ In the top centre of BitMart website choose »Earn« and click »Savings«
4️⃣ Scroll down and search for »Fixed Savings« (or Promotions)
5️⃣ Find ULX, click Subscribe, choose Duration of staking (30 days) and enter the amount that you would like to stake.
6️⃣ Click Subscribe and you are done!

Note: this is a Fixed Savings programme, which means that your tokens will be locked for 30 days. 🔒

After the period is over, you will receive your Base stake and your Staking reward. 💸

Stake your ULX on BitMart and earn rewards 👉

Check out their post 👉

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Start staking now.

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