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Ultron Chain Recognized by BSC News


🟣Ultron Chain Recognized by BSC News🟡

TGIF, Ultronauts!👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

We are ecstatic to share the article published by BSC News recognizing Ultron’s impact on the community.

“Similarly, the Ultron blockchain is also focused on giving users access to DeFi options across major blockchains. Ultron is the biggest winner on our list, posting a 36% increase in TVL in the past month.

Ultron has $187 million in TVL in its staking and swap protocols.” – Patrick, BSC News

💡Why is this important?
BSC News is the leading media platform covering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on BNB Chain aka Binance Smart Chain.💛

Check the 📢announcement here ⬇️

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