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Ultron now on Gecko Terminal


Ultron now on Gecko Terminal 🚨

From now on you can now track Ultron on GeckoTerminal, ( a new tool created by CoinGecko, ( world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator. 📊

Gecko Terminal simplifies the process of tracking cryptocurrency tokens, liquidity pools and the rewards. You can track all your favourite DEXs and their pools, transaction fees, prices, 24h volumes and liquidity. 💰

Check out live data for Ultron here 👉

More great info.


You can directly access the ULX CONTRACT for ETHEREUM on CoinGecko ( and CoinMarketCap, ( two of the biggest price-tracking sites for crypto.

The Ultron community is getting bigger! 🔥

Now available on:
CoinGecko 👉
CoinMarketCap 👉

And one more great news.

The most trusted website in crypto, CoinMarketCap (340M monthly visitors), integrates all 5 Ultron bridges 🚀

👉 Ethereum ✅
👉 Binance Smart Chain ✅
👉 Polygon ✅
👉 Avalanche ✅
👉 Fantom ✅

Why is this important?
👉 CoinMarketCap reaches hundreds of millions of users a year through its price-tracking
👉 It displays major trust in Ultron Foundation to the crypto community
👉 CoinMarketCap has one of the biggest crypto communities in the world (340 million monthly page views)

Check out Ultron profile on CoinMarketCap here:


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