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Ultron Staking Hub NFT listed on DefiLlama


🟣Ultron Staking Hub NFT listed on DefiLlama 🦙

As the utility for Ultron grows 📈, the users and TVL also increase. The listing of the Staking Hub NFT on DefiLlama reflected Ultron’s TVL of more than $185M.📈🤩

DefiLlama is one of the largest DeFi TVL aggregators. It exclusively tracks popular layer-1 blockchain systems and their dApps.

Total Value Locked (TVL) – is the amount of user funds deposited in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol.

Ultron’s TVL on DefiLlama 👉

What is Ultron Staking Hub NFT?
📌The Staking Hub NFT is an innovative digital asset management instrument developed by the Ultron Foundation that enables users to acquire the ownership of a staking node that delivers APR returns in ULX coins daily.

📌The majority of the ULX supply is destined for the Staking Hub rewards distribution.

📌There are eight tiers of Staking Hub NFTs with different characteristics to fulfill the needs of multiple users.

📌The coins generated through these Hubs will be locked in a period and gradually unlocked yearly to enable users to exchange the coins on a secondary market while guaranteeing enough liquidity to the complete ecosystem.

🤓Read more about the Staking Hub NFT here 👉

The inclusion of Ultron Staking Hub NFT in DefiLlama’s platform empowers the project to be recognized as the game-changer layer-1 blockchain system in the crypto world. 💪

Check Ultron’s Staking Hub NFT Profile here 👉
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