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Ultron x Trezor Partnership!


🔥📈 Over 1.000.000 Eyes on Ultron, Publish0x just Showcased Ultron x Trezor Partnership! 🚀💼

Another win for Ultron as our recent collaboration with Top 2 Crypto Hardware Wallet Trezor gets covered by renowned news outlet Publish0x! 🙌🔥

The article is a testament to our ongoing goal of expansion in the 🔗 blockchain space, providing an extensive explanation of how we’re opening the door to a wider demographic of crypto enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans. 🚀

Publish0x also added “The integration of ULX is a game-changer that taps Trezor’s over 1M users and gives them the option to experience Ultron’s growth while enjoying the safekeeping technology of the hardware wallet.”

Read the full article here 👉

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