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ULX on PancakeSwap


🥮🥮🥮ULX on PancakeSwap🥮🥮🥮

✨ULX token can now be 🔁 traded via PancakeSwap!
ULX 🚀took off a few lightyears and 🧑‍🚀landed on the pancake-made moon! 🌕🥞

Why is this important?

👉 PancakeSwap is the biggest DEX on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and in the world! 🌏
👉 It allows the bridging of ULX on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) making ULX 🔁BUSD swapping on PancakeSwap possible.
👉It opens more trading opportunities for ULX users.

Isn’t that amazing? 🤩

Don’t forget to:
👉Have your trust wallet ready (we recommend MetaMask)
👉Bridge Ultron with BSC – watch here:
Head to and enjoy trading!

ULX token contract for BSC ➡️0xd983AB71a284d6371908420d8Ac6407ca943F810

The first trade has already been made. You can check it here ➡️

🏆Today’s milestone is the first out of the many moons lined-up for bringing ULX to the Universe! 🌌


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Start staking now.

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