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ULX/USDT is listed on SuperEx


🟣 ULX/USDT is listed on SuperEx 🏆

👏TGIF Ultronauts! 🧑🏾‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀

🤓 Yes, you read it right. SuperEx users can now conveniently trade ULX/USD.

What is SuperEx?
📌SuperEx is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange based on Web3.0.
📌 It implements a DAO organizational governance system to realize the decentralization of user assets and transactions, the decentralization of the platform team, and the complete decentralization of rights.
📌 The organization drives user community autonomy, allowing billions of users to experience cryptocurrencies first-hand, and step into the crypto world of Web 3.0 together.

Check Ultron’s Profile on SuperEx 👉

☝🏼 Disclaimer: This post is not a piece of financial advice. You must do your own research before investing in a platform.


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