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Validator Mad Martian has been taken offline


Hey there, Ultron Enthusiasts! 👋🤖

We’ve got an exciting update for you! 🎉 As a part of a long-awaited upgrade, the Validator Mad Martian has been taken offline as we prepare to launch a brand new, cutting-edge validator with upgraded infrastructure. 🔧🚀 Don’t worry, your coins remain safe, sound, and staked. 💰🔒 However, they won’t yield any rewards for now. ❌💰

Here’s a quick action plan for you:

1️⃣ Claim your rewards. 💸
2️⃣ Undelegate your stakes. ❌💼
3️⃣ Explore re-delegating to different validator nodes. 🔍🌐

By following these steps, your coins will continue to work for you, and you’ll keep raking in those rewards! 🤑

We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to share the fantastic things we have in store. This pivotal moment brings us even closer to offering the validator program to the community. Together, we will elevate the Ultron network to new heights! 🙌🚀

Warm regards,
The Ultron Team 🤖💜


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