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Web 3.0


🟣 Ultron Foundation is helping build and ⏩ transition to Web 3.0 🚀

🤔 What is Web 3.0? A broad term used for the next generation of the 🧬 evolution of web technologies. Because it’s still evolving, there’s no 🌐 universally accepted definition of what it is.

Regardless, Web 3.0 has a strong emphasis on decentralized apps and ⛓ blockchain-based technology. And Ultron Foundation, with its work on important components, such as the Ultron metaverse, countless DeFi services, 🎨 NFT projects, and many more, helps those 🤝 meet.

Thereby pushing the ✉️ envelope towards a better Web, where content is semantic, 💡 information is delivered through the metaverse, infrastructure is decentralized, and services are blockchain-based!

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