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ℹ️ Ultron is back again with another weekly tech report, and last week was extra busy! Here’s what our devs were hard at work improving 👇

📌 Bridge:

➡️ Updated the data structure store to enable higher availability and better monitoring of data.

📌 ULXScan:

➡️ Deployed and moved the latest front-end code to the main branch, making it fully updated and production-ready.

➡️ Added a new data column to the wallet page, displaying more new and useful information to the users.

➡️ Successfully solved minor software issues, providing a smoother and more reliable experience.

📌 UltronSwap DEX:

➡️ As per Binance decision, ended support for BUSD, delisting it, and removing the ability to use or bridge it via the Ultron chain.

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