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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻Weekly Tech Report🛠

Tech Report 2
Date: February 5-11

📌Implemented parallel calculation of rewards
➡️to avoid queues of transactions, we implemented a parallel computation that enables the system to divide large numbers into smaller ones which are then solved simultaneously.
*The previous process solves large numbers [as a whole] before proceeding to the next case. Which often slows down the transmission of calculated data.

💡Significance: This allows rewards to be paid out faster. Rewards come from custodial wallets, which optimize the work of the NFT Staking Hub;

📌Improved the security of custodial wallets
➡️Part of our standard operating protocol, our devs review and strengthen the custodial wallets’ security as a solid precaution against hackers.

📌Optimized monitoring transactions
➡️The network executed an optimized process for monitoring and tracking the activities in the network with important details to make verifying the result quicker.

💡Significance: This helps track problematic transactions and immediately correct errors in real-time.

📊Chain Status📊
Current TVL: $244.5M
Previous: $239M
🏦ULX TVL increased by 5M from last week.
*TVL fluctuates depending on the status of the crypto market

Accounts Created: 81,576
Previous: 80,000
👤Ultron chain created 1,576 unique wallets in the past 7 days.

Blocks Generated: 3,669,101
Previous: 3,581,558
🧊The system generated 87,543 blocks in the past 7 days.

Transactions Recorded: 4,277,514
Previous: 4,184,387
🧾Ultron blockchain network has recorded 93,127 transactions in the past 7 days.

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