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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻 Weekly Tech Report 🛠

Tech Report #4
Date: February 19-25

System Upgrade for the Ultron Ecosystem

📌 Ultronswap
➡️ Web3 modal update – UI upgrades to improve the user experience

📌 Ulxscan – Ultron’s blockchain explorer
➡️ Migration to vue 3 initiated.
*Vue 3 is an open-source model–view–viewmodel front end JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.

💡 Significance: upgrading to the latest framework version increases the app’s stability and testability and applies the up to date security fixes

📌 Infrastructure [nodes and back-end upgrade]
➡️ Initiated the upgrade for the Ultron network
💡 Significance: This should improve the transaction processing stability, especially for cases when many transactions are sent from the same address

➡️ Updated the backend infrastructure to comply with Solidity Finance’s DAO smart contract audit results.
💡 Significance: The update implemented minor changes in the infrastructure to ensure the correct data are securely handled by the system.

📊 Chain Status 📊
Current TVL: $264.18M
Previous: $249.58M
🏦 ULX TVL increased by $14.9M from last week.
*TVL fluctuates depending on the status of the crypto market

Accounts Created: 84,360
Previous: 83,093
👤 Ultron chain created 1,267 unique wallets in the past 7 days.

Blocks Generated: 3,905,109
Previous: 3,770,790
🧊 The system generated 134,319 blocks in the past 7 days.

Transactions Recorded: 4,550,984
Previous: 4,393,242
🧾 Ultron blockchain network has recorded 157,742 transactions in the past 7 days.

📚 Sources
Github (in-chain developments) –
Ulxscan –
Defillama –


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