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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻 Weekly Tech Report 🛠
Tech Report #6

📌 NFT Staking Hub

➡️ Buying NFTs on the Ultron network with uUSDT – final preparation for deployment. This feature will allow users to buy new NFTs using uUSDT on the Ultron network.
➡️ Rewards payouts in uUSDT on the Ultron network – final checking and preparation for deployment. This feature should enable the option of paying Staking Hub users commissions with uUSDT.
➡️ Order processing upgrade – final checking and preparation for deployment. This feature improves the processing of Staking Hub orders, making it faster for approval and processing as well as scalable.
➡️ Rechecking all legacy data – this is a necessary action to ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, security, compatibility, and transparency. This helps ensure that the token processing operates effectively and can be trusted by its users, also this checks the correctness of all previous orders and imports.
➡️ Implementing adaptive gas size for Tron transactions at the NFT Staking Hub – this is necessary to optimize costs, handle network congestion, and avoid tron processing errors because of gas price fluctuations.
➡️ Migration of the NFT Staking Hub project to a cluster database – this is needed to use its scalability, high availability, data redundancy, backups, performance, and flexibility. With this implementation, it will be much easier to manage the processing data, improve reliability and service uptime, and provide a better user experience for NFT Staking Hub users.
➡️ Upgrading and improving the monitoring system in the NFT Staking Hub – by leveraging and upgrading it, developers can detect and resolve issues more quickly, which leads to a more secure, efficient, and smooth work of the NFT Staking Hub product.


➡️ Activation of the error logging system at UltronSwap – activation of Sentry logs can provide real-time notifications of errors occurring in frontend UI of UltronSwap and possible transaction issues. This can help developers quickly identify and resolve issues before they become critical. It also provides:
💪 Improved Security: Sentry can help identify security vulnerabilities and allow Ultron developers to quickly implement fixes.
💪 Improved Reliability: The reliability of frontend UI and smart contracts is critical in the UltronSwap ecosystem. Sentry can help identify issues that could cause UI to fail or a smart contract to become inaccessible, improving the overall reliability of the system.
💪 Enhanced Performance: Sentry can help identify performance bottlenecks at UltronSwap, allowing developers to optimize the UI and improve overall performance.
💪 Better User Experience: Sentry can help identify user issues and provide insights into how to improve the user experience.

📌 Infrastructure

➡️ Migration of processing to k8s – Ultron moves processing to Kubernetes clusters to take advantage of its scalability, fault tolerance, resource efficiency, automation, vendor lock avoidance and flexibility. By leveraging these features, Ultron can better manage processing resources, improving reliability and uptime, reducing total cost of ownership and ensure the independence of a single service provider.
➡️ Installing Consul on a test cluster – first step in security improvement – can help Ultron developers test service discovery, load balancing, service mesh features, integration with other tools, and create a realistic development and testing environment. By leveraging Consul in a test cluster, Ultron developers can improve the resilience, reliability, and performance of Ultron’s cloud-native applications.


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