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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻 Weekly Tech Report 🛠
Tech Report #8

➡️ Preparing dependent services for migration to Kubernetes: In progress. This process is essential for a seamless transition of token processing to a Kubernetes environment, ensuring that the backend of Ultron blockchain applications operates effectively.

➡️ Scaling worker calibration on the testnet: In progress. By adjusting and executing worker scaling, the Ultron test network can process workloads as needed. This ensures that the network is scalable, efficient, and meets the demands of Ultron users and stakeholders.

➡️ Test case creation and implementation: In progress. Developing and executing new test cases for UltronSwap allows the team to confirm proper functionality, identify any issues, and make necessary adjustments.

➡️ Cron brewulx script fix: Completed. This update ensures that automated tasks run efficiently and reliably, contributing to the overall performance and dependability of UltronSwap, particularly for xULX reward calculations.

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➡️ Domain transfer preparation and DNS record updates: In progress. By properly preparing the domain for transfer and configuring DNS records correctly, the team minimizes website downtime and ensures uninterrupted access to the exchange when moving to a new CDN provider.

➡️ Setting up and testing a new network explorer (Blockscout): In progress. This updated explorer enhances the reliability of transaction and network activity display for the Ultron chain. Additionally, the new explorer offers improved features such as verification of newly added tokens and smart contracts on the Ultron Network.


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