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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻 Weekly Tech Report 🛠
Tech Report #9

📌NFT Staking Hub:

➡️Diamond architecture integration (in progress) – The integration of diamond architecture and staking facet implementation allows for a user-friendly and efficient staking product by enabling seamless smart contract interactions and handling complex staking logic.

➡️Smart contract refactoring (in progress) – Restructuring and optimizing the smart contract code ensures efficiency, security, extensibility, and adaptability to changing requirements.

➡️Data transfer and backend infrastructure for NFT unlocks (in progress) – This feature ensures accurate timing for NFT unlocks, preventing unexpected issues or delays, and enables cross-checking with blockchain information.


➡️Migration to Kubernetes (k8) (in progress) – Migrating to k8 enhances performance, availability, security, and resource management, accommodating the growing user base and ensuring ecosystem stability.

➡️QA process and business logic tests (in progress) – Conducting tests improves the reliability and functionality of decentralized applications, backend systems, and smart contract code, minimizing risks of bugs, vulnerabilities, or security breaches.

➡️Integration of backend pools for database load distribution (in progress) – This approach improves overall reliability, scalability, and timely access to data and transactions for users.


➡️Proxy caching (in progress) – Caching reduces database queries and enables faster data access, improving response times, user experience, and scalability.

➡️Sentry integration (completed) – Sentry integration allows for prompt error identification and resolution.

📌Ultron Bridge:

➡️Chainbridge deployment in Kubernetes (k8) (in progress) – This deployment ensures a scalable and reliable environment for handling high transaction volumes and providing security and efficiency for Ultron’s cross-chain bridge.


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