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Weekly Tech Report


👨‍💻 Weekly Tech Report 🛠

Hey Ultronauts!

We want to 🔁 loop you in on the process of our superdevs 🦸‍♀️ as they maintain, develop, and create protocols in the Ultron chain. ⛓

Tech Report 1
Date: January 29- February 4

📌Ultron Staking Hub NFT Smart Contract

➡️ The rewards mechanism in Staking Hub NFT was changed in a few ways to improve the inflation logic with ULX assets, which will let the Staking Hub NFT owners enjoy the 0.2% daily rewards for a full 365 days from activation.
    *The previous smart contract has been programmed to end the 0.2% daily rewards in June 2023.

➡️ Updated functionality for the auto compound logic has been implemented for owners of the Staking Hub NFT in ‘auto compound‘ OFF. After the update, the rewards are now directly airdropped to the custodial wallet.
➡️ The update introduces a new value for every NFT and will be available with the graphql API.

💡 Update significance
✔️ Its main goal was to fix the high inflation, prevent native coin dumps, and balance the circulation supply.

✔️ This is one step in making the platform better for users with the added information regarding their staked ULX.

📊 Chain Status
Current TVL: $239M
Accounts Created: 80,000
Blocks Generated:  3,581,558
Transactions Recorded: 4,184,387

Github (in-chain developments) –
Ulxscan –
Defillama –


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