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Why is blockchian Ultron good to watch?


Why is blockchian Ultron good to watch?
Because even experts and analysts from Alphabit have the same opinion.
It is the fastest growing layer 1 protocol in the world, the only one massively usable for billions of users, they solved the blockchain trillema, and it is the only one in the world that has native dApps. Everything is solved on WEB 3.0 FULLY DECENTRALIZED AND MAXIMUM SECURE.

Here are some facts about Alphabit Fund:
✅️ rated as top 10 crypto from funds according to Bitcoin Market Journal
✅️ one of the oldest funds with crypto assets in the industry
✅️ $1 billion in assets under management
✅️ played an important role in 2017 in the ICO boom
✅️ fully regulated by the DFSA in Dubai
✅️ invested in more than 25 major crypto projects such as Yield, Archax, and GamiFi

What does this mean for Ultron?
1️⃣ Alphabit only invests in TOP BLOCKCHAIN PROJECTS, which shows that Ultron is one of the most promising projects in the blockchain world
2️⃣ Alphabit is fully regulated, which gives Ultron a lot of credibility and opens up opportunities for other new investments.
3️⃣ The partnership opens possible integrations/partnerships with other companies in the Alphabit portfolio.


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