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Why the world needs crypto?


🌍Why the world needs crypto?🧑‍💻

🤔 What’s all the commotion about, and why do we need Crypto and projects like 🟣 Ultron?

📌 With the emergence of Crypto, individuals have access to a wide variety of services traditionally provided by banks and financial institutions!

📌 DeFi and Crypto are making intermediaries and third-parties obsolete, thus removing the additional costs and time constraints associated with current systems.

📌 Along with lowering dependence and cutting costs, Crypto also presents new and unique investment opportunities that are more accessible and don’t require regular individuals to have a significant amount of investment capital.

📌 Apart from your ownership being recorded on a public blockchain, when it comes to Crypto transactions, the only visible information is your wallet address, thus making it secure and pseudonymous.

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