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🚨ANOTHER LISTING 🚨 TOP multi-chain DeFi protocol, iZUMi Finance, integrates Ultron Chain and lists ULX/USDT pair 🚀

iZUMi Finance is one of the fastest growing multi-chain DeFi protocols that provides One-Stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) solutions for blockchains. ⛓

What can Ultron and iZUMi Finance users do❓

✅ You can now trade ULX coins through our native chain ⚡️

✅ Deposit your funds in the ULX-USDT liquidity pool and earn swap fees 💰

What does this mean for Ultron❓

No bridging needed ➡️ This integration saves you time and fees as everything is done through our native chain. This also increases usability of the Ultron chain.

Deposit ULX in liquidity pool, earn swap fees and trade ULX on iZUMi today 👉

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