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Scam Alert


⚠️⚠️Scam Alert⚠️⚠️

Good day, Ultronauts!

Please help us report the following pages pretending to be Ultron Foundation with intentions to scam people by asking them to send some crypto to a certain wallet.





‼️We will never ask you to send us some crypto to a certain wallet so you can get more ULX.

Kindly be aware that the events we are running are only announced through our official channels.

Most of the events are in Discord, moderated by Ultron’s space rangers.

Please let us know if you see any websites or social pages claiming to be a part of Ultron Foundation by sending an email to

or report directly to our Discord channel 👾

Let’s be vigilant and share this information with your family & friends to prevent them from getting into fraudulent transactions!

Stay safe, Ultronauts! 👩‍🚀🤗


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